About us

It is the first printing house with European standards, with a specialized staff and technical assistance from Croatian partners, equipped with the latest modern technology, which disposes of a rolling press machine Heatset.

DEAPRINT Printing is a joint investment of the Albanian-Croatian (its partners are ALBAS Ltd, Radin doo, Ideart ltd.) The initial investment is over 4 million euros, The first stage employed 35 employees.

Products that until now were produced in the regional market for the first time held in Albania. This printing press offers high quality educational publications in a very short time. This year a significant proportion of school publications are printed at the printing press.

Also for private companies operating in DEAPRINT marketing offers quality and professional services, fairness and sustainable partnership, free and competitive prices in the Albanian market.

Working Principles in DEAPRINT company are:

  • Strict enforcement of all laws
  • Fulfillment of all the technical requirements
  • Safety of employees at work
  • Fair settlement of all tax obligations, etc..

Deaprint offers you what you have not been able to find so far in Albania

  • Print with rotational technology
  • Quality
  • Speed ​​in the implementation of Order
  • Correctness in job
  • Sustainable Partnership
  • Free and competitive prices in Albanian and European market

Our printing presses has entered the Albanian market with new offerings by offering its customers professional service that did not occur before. Deaprint has established partnerships with many companies known in the international market for the delivery of Technology and raw materials.